Our consultants are passionate about working for new exciting businesses that contribute to our economy, environmental protection, health and lifestyle options. Here are our main areas of activity:

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH for governmental institutions, big, middle and small-scale medical and clinical research centers. Our recruitment in this area focuses on incubators or new R&D departments created in established pharmaceutical, biotech or medical devices companies. We also help banks and investment funds in finding professionals from this sector to evaluate potential project execution and financing in new drug development, medical devices and software.

TECH RECRUITMENT involves a broad range of IT roles, positions in new product development within energy, logistics, aerospace, automotive, lifestyle and media technology  made for both individual consumers or used by larger communities (urban city solutions, public transport apps, recycling, sustainable community development among others). NewCo’s clients are startups promoting innovative applications, new or well-established organizations launching new software and technical solutions applicable in different industries including electrical and electronic products, manufacturing and production/packaging lines, logistics processes, agriculture, fashion, gaming just to name a few.

FINANCE. Our clients are usually companies working in the intersection of tech and finance. Our clients in this area consist of companies willing to sell a product to the public or specific financial institutions, for lending, data management, CSR for banks, donations, wealth management or cryptocurrency. We also work with investment and venture capital institutions looking for financial professionals or market experts and consultants for their industry focused teams.